The Pastor’s Vision

At the beginning of my service at Mt. Moriah, God gave me a vision for this church. He has also given a plan as to how to accomplish the vision. At the beginning of this new year I share it with you again to remind you that God has great things ahead for this church. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18

• Q: What type of force?
• A: A force for evangelistic outreach and ministry – a church that is known in the community for reaching those in need and for sound biblical teaching and preaching.
• Q: How do we get started. We are a small church with limited resources.
• A: We must use available resources and innovative measures to let the community know that we are doing great things to impact the lives of all that are around us.
• Q: How do we accomplish this goal?
• A: We must diligently practice the principles of The Great Commission and implement a variety of ministries that meet the needs of individual members and the community.
• Q: Can we afford this?
• A: Yes! We are all merely stewards of God’s possessions. Nothing that we have is our own. And it is required of stewards that one be found faithful. Whether in our time, our talents or means proper stewardship is obedience to God. We must remain faithful. He will reward Mt. Moriah’s faithfulness and enable us to succeed.
• Q: What if some do not support this vision?
• A: God has given our Pastor the vision. Mt. Moriah must be a church that desires to follow true God-given leadership. Therefore, as long as there is anointed, biblically sound leadership in the church, we must pray for and support that leadership.

As we strive to follow the vision and to accomplish the purpose God has for our church, let us remember that our focus must always be on Christ.


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