No Sound

The story is told of a pastor of a large church who had a dream one night that really opened his eyes. In this dream he could see his own church worship service on Sunday morning. At first it seemed like a normal worship service, but after a few moments he realized there was something very strange happening. The musicians were playing and the mouths of the choir members were moving….but no sound was heard. The people in the congregation were singing. But there was no sound from their mouths, either. Others were clapping their hands, but still no sound. The preacher himself got up to preach his typical Sunday sermon. He opened his mouth to preach….but nothing audible came out. There was absolutely no sound at all in the entire worship center. Then, the pastor noticed a little girl sitting on the front pew. He could hear her little voice clearly. She was singing, “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.”

The pastor suddenly woke up, confused. “Lord, what was I dreaming,’ he asked out loud. “It doesn’t make sense to me.” The Lord spoke to his Spirit and said, “Servant, you just saw a picture of what I see in your ministry and in your church every Sunday morning. People are singing and you are preaching….but I hear nothing. And that is because your heart is not focused on me. You are focused on yourselves. The only one I heard in your church last Sunday was the little girl on the front pew. She matters to very few people in your church. But she matters greatly to me….because she came to church that day with the right motive; to worship me with all of her heart!”

What if Jesus showed you a dream of our church service? What would you hear? Would our hearts be truly focused on the Lord or on ourselves?


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